Dynasty Fantasy Basketball: Jonathan Isaac Progression

It can be challenging at times to predict the future of how good a player can be in the Fantasy Basketball Dynasty League. That said, it’s a little different for Jonathan Isaac. He was a 5-star recruit coming out of Florida State. Let’s not forget that Phoenix passed on him for Josh Jackson. Suns also passed on De’Aaron Fox in that same draft. Yikes! Yet again, it’s not easy to draft the right player in the NBA.

Dynasty Fantasy Basketball Jonathan Isaac

Fantasy Basketball Dynasty Jonathan Isaac

In this Dynasty Basketball Outlook on Jonathan Isaac, we will discuss his successful season thus far and Isaac’s Redraft 9 CAT and Fantasy Basketball Points league rest-of-season outlook. Is there some Regression coming his way? We’ll discuss Orlando’s current team makeup, Skill set, and more.

Is it time to buy into Isaac or is it time to sell him quickly? Let’s find out.

Fantasy Basketball Dynasty Progression

Jonathan Isaac Age (22) started hot this season. At one point, he was giving fantasy owners TOP 12 Production in 9 CAT Leagues. Right now, Isaac is posting TOP 24 9 CAT Value. This is music to fantasy owners ears for those that drafted him inside the top 60 or 70 range in redraft and points formats. Dynasty formats had to pay a higher premium around Top 25-50 due to youth and potential upside.

Chart Above shows some solid progressions each year in the NBA.

He has improved in almost every single category. We can only imagine what his usage rate could be on a player that could potentially get moved. The massive leap here is the block amount this year. He is currently averaging 2.6 Blocks, which is making us owners feel extremely giddy on the inside. Another Name for blocks is (Slaps) here in New Life Fantasy.

Can We Expect Fantasy Dynasty Fantasy Basketball Regression?

Isaac has already regressed a little bit this season. He started putting up TOP 12 numbers where his block average was hovering at an absurd 3.0 Per game. That has already decreased down some this season. There is room for the current block average of 2.6 to come down, too. A more realistic block average for Isaac is somewhere between 2.0-2.4. The length of his body has helped him here.

Fantasy Basketball Dynamics of Jonathan Isaac Skills

Isaac is not the type of player to demand the ball in his hands. Due to the likes of the other players on Orlando Magic. Although Orlando could use more emphasis on him later this season or next year. Shooting a Career-high of 46% this year thus far. Let’s take a small glimpse of his offensive style.

42.2% of Jonathan Isaac’s shots are less than 10ft. Isaac doesn’t dribble the ball much with his length. Typically getting quick buckets around the basket or he catches and shoots. Jonathan’s Catch and Shoot frequency is 32.4%. Dribbling the ball right now is not in his vocabulary. 0 Dribbles Frequency of 56.8%. We can expect that to change some. 2nd highest for him is a rate of 16.4% of two dribbles when the ball is in his hands. Lastly, Rarely takes Contested shots of defenders 0-2 Feet from him.

Some of the Dynamics of Isaac speaks for more room for growth. His IQ, Offense, Defense, and Skills are growing well. We are biting at the bit to see if Orlando decides to run more plays for him. His future in Dynasty Formats, Redraft, and Points is bright. Expectations were high for Isaac last year, but fell a little short on that. This year he bulked up on muscle and trained more strenuously. He Looked very loose and ready during the preseason. Isaac had a lot of Sleeper Value for those that were patient with him over the last few years. A top 15 Player for the next 2-3 years is possible for Issac.

Orlando Magic Team

Orland Magic Team Pace is very slow this year. Having a slow pace team can harm some fantasy appeal to some players. You don’t have to be the fastest team in the NBA to be good. Magic, unfortunately, is in a different position. Not only are they at the bottom 5 for Pace, but they are also at the bottom with the Knicks, averaging 103.5 points a game. Orlando is also under .500 this season for wins. They had Vucevic out for quite some time, so that hurt them. Orlando is getting healthier, so hopefully, the team can turn things around in a hurry.

The person that could potentially get moved is Aaron Gordon. Gordon has been very inconsistent this season. It seems like Gordon is regressing, but we have to give him room for improvement. What we can say is that Isaac is the player to own in Orlando other than Vooch. It’s tough to imagine what Orlando is going to do with Gordon, but if he were to get moved to a different team, Isaac could potentially take on more responsibility.

” With great power comes great responsibility ” Uncle Ben

In this Fantasy Basketball article, I wrote about Isaac because he has had a nice breakout season that we all have to appreciate. Do you agree? What do you want to see from NewLifeFantasy next?

Thank you all for your love and support. God bless you guys. What would you like for us to write next? Where to find us-Twitter: @starks_industry & @AintDunneYet

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Written By M.Starks Powell


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