Week 1 Fantasy Football Half-PPR Rankings

Welcome to the Week 1 Fantasy Football Half-PPR Rankings article!

It hasn’t quite been 84 years, but it has been 207 days since we’ve last enjoyed a real NFL game. THE WAIT IS OVER. Your fantasy teams have been drafted and you are ready to get your season off on the right foot and annihilate your opponent’s fantasy team. Why should you trust my rankings? Because I was listening to the Madden 2003 soundtrack on repeat whilst perfecting these bad boys. In the immortal words of Andrew W.K., “When it’s time to party, we will always PARTY HARD.” When it’s time to beat your fantasy opponent, we will always BEAT THEM BY 50.

The following rankings are HALF-PPR. Passing Touchdowns are worth 4 points. Rushing and Receiving are worth 6 points.


Hebrews 11:5


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God bless you and let’s DOMINATE Week 1!

Jacob W. Dunne

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