Top 8 Fantasy Players We Want To Win An NBA Title

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

The NBA has a rich history of dominating players putting up video game stat lines. It wasn’t until the 1990s when fantasy basketball popularized and we started to reap the benefits of real-life stats. Over the years, we have seen some of our favorite fantasy basketball players win NBA titles (Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal,Kevin Garnett, Dwyane Wade, etc.), but how about today’s fantasy studs? Are there current fantasy basketball players that deserve to win an NBA title?

In this article, we will talk about players at the age of 30-plus that we want to win an NBA Championship someday. The following players need to have also provided at least a Top 25 ADP Value or better in their career. We will also see what their chances are of capturing a championship. The following players on this list are or have been key cog players that have anchored Fantasy Basketball Championships. Some may disagree with this list, but I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions with the Fantasy Basketball community.

The following breakdown will be based on Team Structure, Records, Potential Future, and Chances Of Winning A Championship. Change of Scenery can happen, but at what cost? GMs have to evaluate their team and decide if it’s time to rebuild or go all-in. Our current generation wants immediate production and results, but sometimes “Trusting the Process” works if you are will to be patient. Let’s go over some of these players.

#8 Jimmy Butler (Age 30) Current ADP (10)

Butler was drafted 30th overall in the 2011 NBA Draft by the Chicago Bulls. Most of us did not know that he would become an NBA All-Star. Jimmy was motivated from day one to be a superstar. His work ethic is a testament to why he’s a four-time NBA All-star.

Unfortunately, Jimmy has hurt the fantasy community. Availability is key to be successful in fantasy. In the last 5 seasons, he has only played over 70 games once. Although within those years he has provided owners 1st/2nd round value.

Hard work pays off if done properly. The first Training Camp for the Miami Heat Practice was at 10 AM. Jimmy Started at 3:30 AM instead.

“Just a little extra work while y’all in your third dream,” he said. “I like to get it in.” -Jimmy Butler

Earlier Career

Jimmy has had some opportunities to push for a finals appearance. Philadelphia may have been the best opportunity last year, but Kawhi’s clutch shot buried that chance.

Chances Of Winning A Championship

Miami Heat has been a surprise team this year. Not only are they a surprise, but they could potentially contend to make finals. Driven by Butler, Bam, Nunn, Hero, Dragic, and more.

Butler has young talent around him. A Championship may take a few years to develop because of that. Dragic isn’t the same player he once was, but he can still contribute. Butler is one Superstar away for a potential championship.

Heat Current Record 32-15

NBA Championship Chance 28%

#7 LaMarcus Aldridge (Age 34) ADP Currently (17)

LMA has played over 70-plus games in the last 5 seasons. The assumption was that he would regress, and after leaving Portland in 2014 he did regress. It was hard for him and Kawhi to mesh together for awhile.

Upon Kawhi’s departure, LMA improved. The biggest improvement this year is that he’s averaging 1.2 3 pointers this season. He has never averaged over 1.0 3 Pointers in his 14-Year NBA Career.

Earlier Career

Aldridge started his career in Portland. There was little hope when the tandem of Brandon Royand LMA were together in 2009. It wasn’t a championship-caliber team at that time.

The hope was to build around those two. This was cut short due to Brandon Roy’s injuries. Lillard was a solid replacement in Roy’s absence. Something at the time was still missing to put Portland over the top.

Chances Of Winning A Championship

LMA decided to go to San Antonio to attempt to win a title. Spurs are known for their championship pedigree. Unfortunately, they are barely a playoff team now.

Greg Popovich has been the Coach of the Spurs since 1996. He has achieved many Championships during his tenure. Sadly, LMA may have come aboard a little too late.

Spurs Current Record 21-26

NBA Championship Chance 13%

#6 Derrick Rose (Age 31) ADP Currently 83

Rose hasn’t been a 1st/2nd round value fantasy player since 2011. Ever since 2011, he has struggled to reach TOP 100 production due to injuries. This year, he has surprisingly done well putting up 7th Round Value in 9 CAT Leagues.

Earlier Career

Chicago is where he started his career. Rose earned an MVP Trophy in Chicago in the 2010 season. After that is when his career started to unravel.

Multiple knee surgeries made Rose a shell of himself. We are happy to see him play a little better now, but how long will he remain healthy?

Imagine if Rose remained healthy in Chicago with Jimmy Butler. Two all-stars that may have earned a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals. They may have potentially beaten the Miami Heat at that time.

Chances Of Winning A Championship

Rumors are circulating that Rose may be traded. Pistons are not a championship-caliber team this year. Lakers have been linked to potentially land Rose. Hopefully, a title contender will trade for him, which would raise his chances at a title.

Pistons Current Record 17-32

NBA Championship Chance 2%

#5 Damian Lillard (Age 29) ADP Currently 6

You are probably thinking, “Why is Lillard on this list?” We’ll get to that momentarily. Damian Lillard is having his best year of his career. Lillard is averaging a career-high 3.8 3-Pointers.

Dame also has a career-high in Points and Assists this season. He entered the league in 2012. After his Rookie season, Dame has been a Top29 player or better. Not bad for a guy that was drafted after Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Dion Waiters, and Thomas Robinson.

Earlier Career

Lillard has carried a chip on his shoulder dealing with criticism growing up and being snubbed of an all-star appearance in 2015. An accumulation of many things has mounted.

Blazers had a strong outing in the playoffs last year. Lillard single-handily broke up OKC. A last-second 3-Pointer sealed the series. Portland went on to face Denver. It was a long-fought series. After Portland won 4-3, they may have been exhausted. They winded up getting beat in the Western Conference finals. The Golden State Warriors swept Blazers 4-0.

Chances Of Winning A Championship

The supporting cast has been good, but not great. He’s a player we root for in Portland. The Ariza and Melo additions may not be the Answer to getting a title this year. Hopefully, Nurkic can be the player he once was. If he is then maybe they can go on a winning streak.

Dame is only 29, but the time to win a title is closing soon for him. If Portland doesn’t continue to build around Dame, he could leave to go to a contender sooner than later.

Blazers Current Record 21-27

NBA Championship Chance 11%

#4 Vince Carter (Age 43) Current ADP (342)

Vince Carter aka “Vinsanity” is currently the oldest active NBA player at the age of 43. Believe it or not, Carter was one of the most talented and electrifying players in the NBA. He put up perennial Top 10 Fantasy Stats while performing highlight-reel dunks on a nightly basis.

Earlier Career

Carter began his career in 1998 where he was drafted by the Golden State Warriors then immediately traded to the Toronto Raptors. During his seven-year tenure as a Toronto Raptor, he would go on to win Rookie of the Year and eventually lead them to their first-ever playoff appearance in 2000 and first-ever playoff series win in 2001.

Carter put up dominant numbers during his tenure as a Toronto Raptor. In his first 7 years, he averaged: 23.4 points, 1.4 3-pointers 5.2 rebounds, 1.3 steals, 1.0 blocks while having elite FG% and FT%.

In 2004, He was traded to the New Jersey Nets where he would lead them to multiple playoff berths, but he could never get them past the second round. His best chance to win a title came when he was traded to the Magic in 2010 where he became a complementary player to Dwight Howard.

Carter helped the Magic reach the Eastern Conference Finals but were defeated by the Boston Celtics who were led by Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen. This turned out to be the closest Vince Carter would ever get to reaching the NBA Finals.

Chances Of Winning A Championship

Over the 2019 offseason, Vince Carter signed a one-year deal with the Hawks. Although he has become an incredible veteran presence for a young Hawks squad, they have no chance at reaching the NBA Finals this year.

The only way for 43-year-old Vince Carter to win an NBA title is by being traded to a legitimate contender before the trade deadline. This is possible but highly unlikely. Let’s hope the Lakers or Clippers trade for him and increase his chances of winning a ring.

Hawks Current Record 12-36

NBA Championship Chance .01%

#3 James Harden (Age 30) Current ADP (2)

Since joining Houston 8 years ago, James Harden has been a perennial Top 8 Fantasy Player or better. He has has been on a tier of his own in the Fantasy Community. We could talk all day about his strengths in multiple categories, but we’ll just stick to one important factor.

High Volume of Free Throw Attempts has made him a rare fantasy contributor. In the last 5 Years, Harden has been averaging at least 10-plus Free Throw attempts per game. He has also shot 84% or better throughout that time span. This is a recipe for solidifying FT% for your team (unless you have someone else paired with him that would torpedo that FT% like Drummond).

Earlier Career

Harden was apart of a potential dynasty in OKC that broke up prematurely. Members of that OKC team included KD, Harden, Russ, Ibaka, and more. Imagine if OKC kept that core together. They may have been a legitimate Dynasty team and multiple NBA titles could have been won. Some say that before the Golden State Warriors Dynasty, this was the team to beat. It’s sad how Free Agency can change the outlook of a team in a hurry.

Chances Of Winning An NBA Championship

With Russell Westbrook recently joining him in Houston, this may be the best year for Harden to win a title. This will still be a daunting task for them considering all of the talented teams in the Western Conference. Houston is also missing a few more components to be considered serious title contenders. The window for Harden to win a title is closing quickly.

Let’s hope the Dynamic Duo of Russ and Harden can be enough to achieve a title. If Harden isn’t able to achieve a title in Houston, he could look to go somewhere else down the line.

The chances of Harden getting a title are possibly better than some others on this list.

Rockets Current Record 29-18

NBA Championship Chance 45%

#2 Russell Westbrook (Age 31) Current ADP (42)

Russ has been on a decline due to injuries, Age, and different teammates. The massive hit in his production has been FT%. The complete opposite of what he used to provide.

2014-2017 Russ was a perennial Top-10 player or better. Since then, he has regressed outside of the first round in all 9 CAT leagues. Expect more regression with Load Management.

Earlier Career

Russ played with Harden eight years ago. Let’s look back at the Oklahoma vs Miami matchup in the 2012 NBA Finals. The Thunder were a juggernaut team consisting of KD, Russ, Harden, and Ibaka. Unfortunately, they fell short to a Lebron-led Miami Heat team. Russ and Harden get to rekindle some of that nostalgia again in Houston.

Chances Of Winning An NBA Championship

Some in the industry have mentioned that he will never win a championship. Maybe because Russ doesn’t make the best basketball play all the time. That could be true, but what we appreciate is the Mamba Mentality that he has on the court.

The chances of Russ winning a championship is equal to Harden only because they play on the same team. That could change if this Duo Breaks up.

Rockets Current Record 29-18

NBA Championship Chance 45%

#1 Chris Paul (Age 34) Current ADP (19)

Maybe the Last Pure Point Guard of this generation? Today’s Point Guards seem to have bigger body frames or have a scoring first mentality. Paul looks for the best play available on the court. Paul has always given Elite Assists and Steals.

Paul is remembered vividly on the Clippers, but he also played well in New Orleans. Paul was a Top 3 pick in the fantasy community close to a decade ago. Today, he’s still Ballin. The biggest knock on Paul is his health.

He hasn’t played more than 61 games in the last 3 years. This is why CP3 has slipped in fantasy drafts.

Earlier in Career

In 2011, the NBA vetoed a trade that would have sent CP3 to the Lakers. The Chris Paul and Kobe Byrant fusion was nixed by Commissioner David Stern. Kobe went on to capture another ring without CP3.

Trade Veto Details:

“It Would Be a Perfect Fit” -Kobe Bryant

Similar to Vetoed Trades in your fantasy basketball league, right? A word of advice to all of you fantasy owners: Abolish Vetos in your league. It takes a particular skill to complete trades. Those that Veto is particularly the ones that can’t close a deal. Only obvious collusion warrants a veto.

Two years ago, Rockets were a game away from defeating Golden State. CP3 hurt his hamstring at the worse time. They had a 2 game lead against the Warriors. Golden State ended Chris Paul’s chance of making it to his first Finals appearance.

Chances Of Winning An NBA Championship

Chris Paul is now a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Rumors circulated that a team would land him before the season started. A lot of contenders don’t want to take a chance on his contract. Health and age have turned teams away.

Thunder Current Record 29-20

NBA Championship Chance 4%

Notable Mentions :

  • Carmelo Anthony (35)
  • Dwight Howard (34)
  • Demar DeRozan (30)
  • Rudy Gay (33)

We wrote about the Top 8 Fantasy Basketball Players That Should Win A Championship. Do you agree with the results? What do you want to see from NewLifeFantasy next?

Thank you all for your love and support. God bless you guys. What would you like for us to write next?

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Written By M. Starks Powell & Jacob W. DunneNew Life Fantasy


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