Son’s Of God

There was a demand placed on the heads of black men before the foundations of the earth. Before you knew who Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, The Black Panthers, and #blacklivesmatters was, there was already a demand on the son’s of God.

There was a demand for all of our lives, since the fall of mankind. In Genesis 3:15, we inherited this enmity that was placed between Satan and woman; then seed and Satan.

We didn’t sign up for this, it signed up for us. From the African-American slaves on Goree Island to the Jews in the concentration camps slavery we’ve seen play; but why does the saga continue with the black son’s of God? Unfortunately, sin can leave a stain; a stain so callous, it’s hard to ignore.

Sin has been the theme of humankind for so many years and truthfully, I think we’re all a bit sick of it by now. We’re sick of atrocious murders in broad daylight and injustice against the son’s of God. We’re debilitated, hospitalized, and ailing in our spirits. So, now what do we do, now that we feel defeated?

This question didn’t come answered to me until today. After I witnessed another son of God, unruly put to death, I decided, I had reached my grips. George Floyd was seemingly the worst movie, I had ever seen.

A movie I never want to see again with different actors who share the same profile. To be honest, I’ve never wanted to see any reflection of God playing this role. The role of an involuntary black victim is putrid. How many times will we digest social media shares of crying and polluted justice?

To be quite frank, I believe if we see one more video, we will probably mentally go insane. Something happens to the mind, body, soul, and spirit of a man when it’s been conditioned by fear. Fear is the anecdote for control and the process to control is becoming easier for the oppressor.

It is now time for us to ARISE, as kingdom citizens. We’re so hurt that we’ve forgotten God calls us a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His special possession! (1 Peter 2:9) We are called to dismantle every principality in high places.

We desperately need to preserve the son’s of God! Not by protesting and video-sharing but by spiritual boldness. Many of us have forgotten that we wrestle not against flesh and blood because we’re so hurt (Ephesians 6:12). Many of us have forgotten how Joshua and Moses won their battles against oppressors.

We can no longer watch our brother’s and sister’s lives be taken, and not wildly fight for them in the spirit. How many Christian leaders do we personally and casually know that have the number’s to pull a warfare team together against these attacks? Many…How many people do we have that are committed to doing so?

Few…The evident problem is not number’s but a lack of commitment to an uncomfortable assignment. I believe the only elucidation is for us to finally take our post spiritually and physically; by activating the spirit of Joshua and getting unified.

Can I suggest something “crazy” for you to do after reading this blog? Can every Christian leader especially those with congregations call a spiritual warfare team against this attack? Can I ask smaller groups of home churches, individual prayer warriors, watchman + prophets, to gather in vehicles or by foot and physically TAKE A POST at your nearest precinct and launch prayer? Can we activate the spirit of Joshua? WHO’S IN?

Written By Lehlieh Garyu

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