Should We Expect A Breakout Season From Garrett Hampson?

It can be challenging at times to predict the future of how good a player can be in a Fantasy Baseball League or Fantasy Baseball Dynasty League. Sometimes breakouts take longer to happen or sometimes it doesn’t happen at all. Garrett Hampton has obstacles to leap over to become a breakout player in this 2020 Season.

In this Article We will look at his battle at 2nd Base vs Ryan McMahon, his early-season struggles, His successful September, Can he get more plate appearances?, and if Hampson will Breakout this season?

Hampson Vs McMahon

There was some sleeper appeal in the 2019 Season for Garrett Hampson. This appeal stemmed from the 2nd Baseman battle with Ryan McMahon. McMahon and Hampson were both vying for the starting position.

Spring training would help determine who would get playing time. Neither player showed enough credibility to start. Whoever would be more productive, in 2019 would have a chance to carve out a major role.

What we can take here are the at-bats. McMahon had 480 at-bats to Hampson’s 299 at-bats. Lastly, McMahon Hits the ball hard when contact is made. Hard Hit rate at 47.7 % is solid for this youngster at the age of (25).

More at-bats create more opportunities. What’s interesting to see is their batting average was very close to each other.

Hampson BA (.247) vs McMahon BA (.250). Hampson gained massive traction towards the end of the season last year. We’ll talk about that momentarily.

Ryan McMahon had the better 2019 season and solidified the position for the 2020 season. I get it your like isn’t this an article about Hampson? It is, but Ryan McMahon is another solid hitter to like on your fantasy baseball team.

McMahon outplayed Hampson, other than Strikeouts and Stolen Bases. Hampson Sprint Speed is a whopping 30.1. Results from 2019 per Statcast. Not too bad for this speedster.

This Info-graphic I created, shows more to like about McMahon than Hampson. It’s also fair to mention that these hitters are different from each other.

Garrett Hampson Early Season Struggles

April – June Stats

April was his moment to flourish and take the reigns at 2nd base. Unfortunately, this had him lose At-bats, per Aprils performance. He lost more than half his At-bats in May. He made slight improvements in May and June, but not enough plate appearances were available. Due to the poor outing in April he had to learn to make adjustments. Unfortunately, that window shut pretty fast.

Garrett Hampson Successful September

July – September Stats

The Struggles also continued through July – August, but September was something special. At that point in the season, Colorado wasn’t in the playoff hunt. It was time to see what some of the younger players can do. Hampson had a scorching September of having 318 AVG, 5 HR, and 9 SB. In 5×5 Leagues, he was the Top 18 Hitter in all baseball and 3rd Best 2nd Baseman in Fantasy. He was also inserted at the top of the batting lineup hitting Leadoff and a few games batting 2nd.

What Happened For Hampson To Hit Better In September?

A Simple Toe-Tap at the Plate he added changed his world. This allowed him to swing earlier and free up space on inside pitches. He also was able to Barrel more balls with this new addition. Hampson was also able to get more confident in himself and was able to play his style. Stealing 9 bases in that span showed on the potential upside he holds, along with a surprise power surge.

“I was able to make some pretty good adjustments at the plate,” said Hampson, “and [the adjustments] just got me in a better spot. Obviously, confidence wise too, you can’t have enough confidence in this league. You are going to get worn out [late in the season] but I started to play my game a little more, using my speed a little more and just contributing any way I could. That’s all I’m trying to do, honestly.” Garrett Hampson

25 Game Rolling Average by Fangraphs


Will This Be the Breakout Season for Garrett Hampson? Yes!

I understand it’s a hard situation to have a breakout season with Ryan McMahon Starting at 2nd Base. We can also talk about the potential budding star of Brendan Rodgers. Rodgers might be healthy on opening day, whenever that day takes place.

It’s difficult for Hampson to have a breakout 2020 Season. I believe he will overcome these obstacles because of his Utility position ability. He played 33 games in the outfield in 2019.

The Hot September and Utility Strength will earn him more At-Bats this season.

Some more reasons to think he can get more at-bats

  • David Dahl hasn’t played a full season healthy
  • Tapia is slated to start in Left Field
  • Rumors on Arenado wearing a new uniform
  • Daniel Murphy is 35 years old

I decided to write about Garrett Hampson because there is room to improve and why not take a minor risk at drafting him at his current Yahoo ADP Ranking (215). Do you agree with the results? What do you want to see from New Life Fantasy next?

Thank you all for your love and support. God bless you guys. What would you like for us to write next?

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Written By M. Starks Powell


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