Have you found your bottle yet ?

When I was younger, I use to think that God had tucked all my special talents in a bottle and chucked it on an island, far far away. Lol. That life was a hunt to retrieve it, and only a chosen few would find theirs through trial and error.

Achingly, I’d watch others and ask,

“God…what about me? What’s special in me?

Where are my distinctions?

“Please give me the location for MY bottle!!”

Looking back, it wasn’t that I lacked those things, I was just unfocused, blind and living in ignorance. I didn’t know God, far-less for knowing myself!

I was too busy looking on at everyone and everything else around me rather than seeing GOD. I knew the world said to look within, but that never worked for me. Looking within seemed tangled, daunting and devoid of answers.

Now that I have a real relationship with Abba..he has washed away the debris that clouded my judgement; my vision. Looking into God, I began to see images of the TRUE me, and me in him is BEAUTIFUL, purpose filled and ridiculously creative!

Seeing yourself in Christ develops a real sense of self love, because it is hard to love, worship and marvel at God without loving his craftsmanship. You didn’t create you, God did! And anything he makes is a masterpiece!

True discovery and expressions of the treasures within you is not out of your reach on some far away abandoned island. It’s actually found in the heart of God, where every true, noble, good and wondrous word decreed over you is firmly established!

Search out the heart of the Lord, read his perfect blueprint for you and abandon the mirages!

Written by Sabrina Rahim

Thank you all for your love and support. God bless you guys. What would you like for us to write next?

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