Fantasy Basketball Points, Redraft, and Dynasty Formats

Fantasy Basketball will be driven by multiple different outlooks from NewLifeFantasy. Are you a beginner, intermediate, or Advance GM in fantasy? How much research and work do you want to do to dominate your league? Be patient and skills will formulate as you gain experience through our site and listen to Take A Ride Podcast. Let’s take a small glance on what may be right for you before the NBA season comes near.

Points Leagues-

Beginners typically start here, but it’s nothing to take lightly because the value could be different if your settings are tailored towards stats that may give you more points. The default setting on Yahoo and ESPN is a fair assessment to go by. Field goals made (1), field goals attempted (-1), free throws made (1), free throws attempted (-1), points (1), rebounds (1.2), assists (1.5), steals (3), blocks (3) and turnovers (-1). Someone like Ben Simmons would earn little more stand-alone power in Points Leagues vs Redraft or Dynasty league due to the triple-double threat he can provide on any given night. Gain Fantasy experience here and look forward to also try other formats as time progresses on. Lastly, if you want the fantasy football experience this option is best for you.

Cheat Codes

  • Triple Double Threat Players
  • Efficient Players +/-
  • Andrew Wiggins Gains Value

Redraft Leagues –

Beginners and Intermediate GM’s typically start here. 9 category leagues help you to start thinking in a way that is common or different from other GM’s. Punting strategies are created and some owners will also attempt to build evenly without any weakness which can be a very challenging thing to do. Take all your resources and algorithms on where to aim at Categories that your opponent may not be able to capture during the draft. Karl-Anthony Towns is a player that has universally no weakness in a 9 cat league. Towns the #1 overall Draft pick in Redraft and Dynasty leagues if you’re looking to not have any weaknesses. Redraft is the most popular league that most owners choose to do with intermediate strategies.

Cheat Codes

  • Punt Points
  • Avoid Load Management
  • Study Your League

Dynasty Leagues –

Intermediate and Advance GM’s level here. A personal favorite of mine that more owners are starting to get into. Gives you that RealGM experience authenticity that allows you to customize your league in so many different ways. Find a group of committed owners to play for several years. Youth and Rookies are crucial, but be careful on overpaying for Youthful players. Luka Doncic is Universally one of the most popular early targeted first-round candidates to have on a team. At the age of 20, he may not return 1st round value this year in a startup Dynasty, but he may a lot sooner than later. Let’s hope he improves on his percentages. Dynasty format is for the more experienced owners that have done points and redrafts leagues previously.

Cheat Codes

  • Know Your Settings
  • Aim to win 2-4 Years
  • License2Deal

Points, Redraft, or Dynasty is best for you? Why not do all of the above?

Let us know what you would like to be said or highlighted on as the season comes near.

Enjoy Basketball season. Glory

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