Fantasy Basketball Dynasty: Devin Booker

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

It seems likeDevin Booker hasn’t received a lot of love this year in the fantasy community. Maybe it’s because of all the injuries, Load Management, and other players getting more noticed. Luka Doncic is getting all the love deservedly so, but let’s not forget about Booker. Every Fantasy Basketball Dynasty, Redraft, and PointsGM wants that shiny new Toy on their team. Booker is still a shiny Toy that will be around the NBA for a while.
Fantasy Basketball Dynasty: Devin Booker 9 CAT & Points

In this article, we are going to Analyze Devin Booker and see some Progressions, Regressions, 3 Year Window, and more. We will also touch on the “What if this happened” towards the end.


Suns have started well this season based off the standards we are accustomed to. The last good Phoenix Suns team was when Goran Dragic played for them and forced his way out. It has been over 9 seasons since the Suns have made the playoffs. Unfortunately, that trend may continue this year despite New Life being breathed on them due to the fact of the Western Conference being Strong in the NBA. It’s tough to see a team play like this and likely miss the playoffs.

Team Make up

Suns surprisingly haven’t been running a fast pace offense this year. They have been hovering around the bottom half when it comes to pace. The addition of Ricky Rubio and Aryon Baynes have made this team formidable. This slower pace offense has made them calculate and analyze more on the court. Phoenix needed a true Point Guard, although they have a plethora of Guards on the roster. Ricky Rubio’s Contract left most disturb, pointing the finger towards Robert Sarver for another bad decision. It doesn’t seem like the worse idea at this time. Suns are currently number 1 in assists in the NBA now.
Suns Starting 5

Devin Armani Booker Age (23)

Strengths – Usage, FG%, FT%, Points, 3 PTS, Assists

Devin Booker has taken a step forward this year. The biggest improvements are his FG%, FT%, and 3 PM. A career-high in Minutes have also helped the opportunity to boost up stats. Booker doesn’t always have to rely on creating his own shot. FG% and 3 Pointers have increased due to Rubio handling Point Guard Responsibilities. It’s a pleasant treat for a guard to shoot over 50% with Ricky getting him open looks.

The Only other Guards shooting over 50% is Ben Simmons, Gordon Hayward, DeMar DeRozan, Rodney Hood, Jaylen Brown, Mikal Bridges, Hamidou Diallo, and George Hill. Simmons, G-Hay, DeRozan, and Bridges don’t seem like your typical Guards, but they qualify in most formats. It’s not often that Guards shoot over 50%, but it’s a treat.

Did you know Booker never finished a season with a positive NET Rating average during a season?

“Net rating, for the uninitiated, is the difference between a player’s offensive rating and his defensive rating. Offensive and defensive rating are respectively defined as the number of points a team scores and concede over 100 possessions.”

We can’t use this metric as the end all be all because we know Booker is a talent, but it is interesting to see that he has progressed this year thus far. Most of this is because Phoenix has been such a poorly ran organization for a few years.

Some Regression

Points, Rebs, Assists, Steals and shot attempts

Some dips in production fall under several categories. We expected regression in the assist department and maybe Points. Steals are soaking up dry. Booker has never averaged over a 1.0 steal a game. It seems like this would be the year to reach that. He’s hovering around a low 0.6 currently. That can change throughout season. The shot attempts are there, but he’s taking a lesser amount. Ayton will be back soon, so maybe his attempts take another small decrease.

In Conclusion, Devin Booker is having a career year. Top 30 Value in 9 Cat Leagues currently. He’s being overlooked because of Mr. Luka Doncic. When someone makes a dramatic leap from the previous year, it’s easy to forget the other young budding stars. When I revive Dynasty Fighter, we can expect to see Luka in that Article.

Suns had a chance to draft Luka to pair with Booker. Unfortunately, they missed out on the potential best young Backcourt in the league. Ayton is good, but wouldn’t you rather have Luka?

3 Year Outlook for Booker

In this Fantasy Basketball article, I wrote about Booker because maybe its just me, but he needs more love. Do you agree ? What do you want to see from NewLifeFantasy next?

Thank you all for your love and support. God bless you guys. What would you like for us to write next?

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