Fantasy Basketball Dynasty: Blake Griffin Regression

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Fantasy Basketball Dynasty: Blake Griffin Regression

Fantasy Basketball Dynasty: Blake Griffin Regression

Contend or Future

Fantasy Basketball Dynasty teams we build are either built to contend now or in the future. Blake Griffin is a different type of Big that doesn’t get you blocks but the sneaky assists are what we appreciate from him. He falls into some lucky steals and blocks from time to time, but that isn’t his calling card. His strengths are Points, 3PTS, Rebs, Assists, and FG%.

Blake Griffin Value falling

Blake’s Current ADP is 177. We can expect that Ranking to improve as the season goes on. It’s still too early in the season to judge how poor he’s playing. In a Fantasy Basketball Dynasty league, we look for players at this age to give Ceiling production at the age of 30. If you own Blake Griffin and you‘re a contender in your league; is it time to panic? How much better can he get?

It might be time to start panicking on Griffin due to some wear and tear. This is his 10th season in the league. Before last year, he only played 70+ games once since his 2013-2014 NBA Season. As a contender, it’s hard to fathom this regression that’s appearing. Detroit Pistons are not shying away on load Management either.

We don’t expect Blake to finish at 217, but he won’t get too much better. Griffin’s points, rebounds, assists, and FG% should improve as the season goes on. His massive regression across the board has deeply hurt his value. Secondly, his shot attempts have taken a regression also. Maybe that’s because of Luke Kennard’s emergence. He is still coming back from injury, so that could explain the slow start.

What to do with Blake

This situation is tough for those who invested in Blake Griffin this year. As soon as Griffin has a few good games, I would suggest trading him. That seems to be an oxymoron for the contending team to do that. Reality Check! There are several ways to rebuild and still contend. One thing that comes to mind is to take a younger player that has some upside to be around a Top 50-75 player in the future.

Players to Potentially Target for Blake

  • Luke Kennard ( 23 )
  • Miles Bridges ( 21 )
  • Otto Porter ( 26 )
  • Garry Harris ( 25 )
  • Taurean Prince ( 25 )

We can value this list in a lot of different ways. Let’s attempt to put a perceived value on each player currently. Blake Griffin ( 30 ) is the oldest out of the bunch. Griffin is potentially the best player here, outside of maybe Otto Porter. Otto Porter ( 26 ) and Miles Bridges ( 21 ) are Buy low candidates here. Luke Kennard’s ( 23 ) value right is the best currently. You could get a few late rounders and Gary Harris ( 25 ) for Blake. The value of Taurean Prince ( 25 ) could plummet next year when KD comes back, but a contender could use the value this season for Blake. Attempting to get any of these players will help you to contend and get younger simultaneously. All these players can potentially be a Top 50-75 fantasy player. Maybe not Prince and Harris, but see if you could get draft picks in that deal.

Trying any of these combinations of trades can backfire on you, of course, but let’s remember that the Detroit Pistons aren’t a good team currently. That means he could also get load management. Blake Griffin could potentially get hurt at any time, too. In Contrast, he could be safe to play most games for the rest of the season. If you’re unable to trade him for a reasonable price, then don’t settle for less.

Once Upon a time

Blake Griffin has been a key contributor in Fantasy Basketball, Dynasty, and Points formats for years. We remember Lob City in LA with Chris Paul and Deandre Jordan. It seems like only yesterday Blake jumped over a Kia car hood in the Dunk Contest. The Commercials were always fun to watch with KIA and Blake. In 2011, Sports Illustrated named Blake Griffin one of the NBA’s 15 Greatest Rookies of all time.

NBA Quick Past

Unfortunately, things don’t always come out well with the media. Some analysts would question his character and competitiveness. Confirmed Rumors on Tension between CP3 and Blake Griffin were real. Blake Griffin would go silent inside the locker room when confrontations arose. They didn’t have the best relationship, but at least they had solid chemistry.

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