Dear Chargers, Hear Our Cries: Sign Jameis Winston

Are you familiar with the honey badger YouTube video? To steal a line from the parody narrator, Jameis Winston “don’t care”. He is the epitome of a gunslinger. Double coverage? He’s got that. Triple coverage? Pffft don’t sweat it. All 11 defensive players covering one receiver? Watch this. As a head coach or even fan of a team, you don’t want your franchise quarterback to think like that. If you’re a fantasy owner who has Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Hunter Henry, or Austin Ekeler that’s EXACTLY what we want. Forget about that safety over the top. Give my guy a chance to earn some doggone points!

As it stands now the Los Angeles Chargers are still committed to Tyrod Taylor. A quarterback who couldn’t be farther on the opposite end of the spectrum. Taylor is safe. How safe? Like walk a half-mile to a stoplight and hit the button to cross so he doesn’t jaywalk type-safe. I loved this about Tyrod while he was in Buffalo, but that’s the exact reason I want zero parts of any player whose helmet has a lightning bolt adorning the side of it if Jameis isn’t signed. Bringing in the guy who finished as the QB5 could change my sentiment though. Who cares if his 3.1 intercept-able passes a game was the highest. I certainly don’t. I’m not drafting him. I’m drafting a guy catching passes from him.

I don’t know how much of Winston’s resolve is from sheer confidence, incompetence, or just truly not caring. I’ve always found him to come off a bit aloof. Personal feelings about Jameis aside, Mike Evans was a target monster finishing in the top 10 in targets three out of the five seasons he played with Winston. During Winston’s tenure, Evans had a total of two top 10 finishes. Conversely, if the Chargers signed Winston they’d have a receiver who has two top 10 finishes in the last three years in Keenan Allen. Injuries cost Allen the 2016 year when he tore his ACL in week one. Allen’s 2015 campaign ended in week eight due to a kidney injury. At the time he already racked up 67 receptions for 725 yards and four touchdowns.

In 2018 when Jameis missed five games due to suspension he threw the ball 378 times. That is 109 attempts more than Taylor’s career-high and he did it in 11 games. We can take away the plead from fantasy owners now and look at the bigger picture. Jameis Winston and Philip Rivers are very similar quarterbacks. The L.A. Chargers could get a younger version of Rivers to carry the banner for years to come. However; considering their lack of success I could see why they wouldn’t want another Rivers. But please!!!!! For the love of Pete, make some average Joes who love fantasy happy and bring him in. What do you have to lose?

Article Written by Andrew Thompson

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